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Feeling very happy and grateful to read some wonderful reviews for my new novel, Elizabeth & Elizabeth.
Historical novelist Meg Keneally says: ”it delivers a fascinating look into the relationship between two remarkable women. Williams’ superb characterisation allows the two Elizabeth’s to take the central place they deserve in Sydney’s fraught past. The book stands as both a compelling novel, and a wonderfully researched piece of narrative history.”
Novelist Caroline Beecham says, “A fascinating and evocative story of an enduring friendship.”
Novelist Helene Young says: “Looking for a good book for the weekend? ‘Elizabeth and Elizabeth’, by the very talented Sue Williams, turns the spotlight on two powerhouses of colonial Australia. A fascinating book and I highly recommend it.”
Linda Smith wrote on Goodreads: “I loved being immersed in their world and enjoyed the sparks of recognition as characters were introduced with names that were so familiar as suburb names: the charismatic Captain Piper, gifted doctor and former convict, Dr William Redfern, and newspaper publisher William Wentworth, to name a few. It was so good to see such a pivotal time in Australian history through the eyes of two highly articulate, driven women, who managed to achieve so much, despite the inherent sexism of the time. The struggle between reforming emancipists, such as the Macquarie’s (to whom we owe so much!), and the conservative exclusivists, reminded me so much of the current political landscape. Highly recommended.”
Donna wrote on Goodreads: “A story of life, loves, friendships and hardships. A story of how hard the world was in the early 1800’s and how Sydney was built from nothing. Sue Williams brought the story to life and I love that she told the story from the view points of both women as although their stories were similar they were also very different. A brilliant book, a great story and an enjoyable learning experience as well.”
Craig wrote on Goodreads: “A compelling and exciting read that will have you captivated by two amazing woman and their experiences.”
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