The Girl Who Climbed Everest is a thrilling rollercoaster of a book about a young Australian on one of the world’s greatest, and most dangerous, quests. Alyssa Azar makes history early in her life as a tiny eight year old who completes the Kokoda Trek, smashing the world record for the youngest person to ever complete the legendary trail. But it’s simply not enough. Her sights are set higher and higher still as she tackles ever more difficult feats until, at last, she decides on her life goal: climbing Mount Everest. There are challenges and heartbreak all along the way, but she never gives up until at last she’s on the side of the highest mountain on earth, pushing herself to break yet another record… (more) The Girl Who Climbed Everest
Gene Genius is a fascinating layperson’s guide to the brave new world of genetics, explaining how genes work to influence every facet of your life. But, much more than that, it also explains how you have the power to defy your own DNA, and can lessen the effects of the bad genes, and strengthen the good genes, to give yourself a healthier and happier life. With plenty of real-life examples, it shows simple techniques to working with your DNA to produce much better outcomes. So if you’ve ever wanted to know the secrets of your own individual make-up, and how to improve its impact on your health and wellbeing, this book is for you! (more) Gene Genius
Growing Great Kids contains everything anyone ever needs to know about how to bring up wonderful children, and help them to reach their full potential. Full of priceless advice from Australian legend and youth expert Father Chris Riley, it explains every aspect of childhood behaviour, the dangers and the joys.It crosses from the importance of teaching children good habits about diet, exercise and healthy living that will stay with them their whole lives, to building their emotional resilience and confidence. Along the way, and illustrated with lively real-life examples, it deals with all the problems that can occur, including alcohol and binge-drinking, drugs, bullying and cyber-bullying, violence, depression, eating disorders or family difficulties… (more) Growing Great Kids
The Last Showman tells the rollicking tale of Fred Brophy, the man who runs the last traditional travelling boxing tent in the world. From humble beginnings sleeping in swags or in a caravan as his family travelled around the showgrounds with his mum’s trapeze and ‘ice-girl’ act, he had his first fight for money in a boxing tent at the age of five.From that moment on, he became determined one day to have his own boxing troupe and for the last 40 years he’s travelled the highways and byways of regional and Outback Australia with a motley assortment of fighters – from The Cannibal to the Cracow Mauler, from the Masked Marvel of Yugoslavia to The Beaver. We’ll never see another man like him! (more)
Outback Heroines is the stunning sequel to the best-selling Women of the Outback, featuring stories of more incredible women living in the far-flung reaches of the Australian Outback. From the red-dust plains of Outback WA to the snow-capped forests of Tasmania, these women battle hardship and adversity every day in the most extreme of conditions to build lives, raise families and turn tragedy into triumph.With a foreword by actor Georgie Parker, this inspiring collection of women includes Janelle Pugh who wrangles crocodiles for a living in the Northern Territory, our own Miss World winner Belinda Green who credits the Outback with saving her life in NSW, and the astonishing Di Zischke from Queensland who retraced the legendary Burke & Wills trek alone, with her camel herd. These women will make you laugh, make you cry, and leave you speechless with their determination, daring and courage… (more)
Left For Dead is the chilling tale of a brutal attack on young police officer Samantha Barlow as she walked to work at Kings Cross Police Station early one morning in 2009. She was eventually discovered covered in her own blood by a routine police patrol. A few minutes later … and she might have died where she lay in the lonely park where she’d been dragged by her assailant, and left for dead.The book recreates the horrific circumstances of the bashing, by following her attacker in his desperate quest to find money for drugs, as he approaches other women he assesses as targets. By the time he spots Samantha, he’s found a weapon and is ready to hit her from behind before she even realises he’s there … The book reads like a crime thriller, and then traces Samantha’s courageous battle to survive, and then to reclaim her life… (more)
Father Bob: The Larrikin Priest is the intriguing story of one of Australia’s best-known, most loved – and loathed – religious figures. Father Bob Maguire has a national profile as a man never afraid to speak his mind or to resile from some of life’s greatest challenges. Along the way, he’s appalled the traditionalists, infuriated his enemies, bewildered some of his followers, and yet somehow still managed to charm a whole nation.This biography of Father Bob traces his life from a lonely boy growing up in a family tortured by alcoholism who gradually loses everyone he’d ever loved, to his decision to study for the priesthood, and then his determination to make a difference for kids, like himself, having a tough time, and to drag the church into the 20th, then 21st , Century. It makes for a fascinating, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but always uplifting rollicking ride. As one of his followers says, “Being around Bob is like you’re in a slipstream; you catch a ride on his energy and enthusiasm.” (more)
Welcome to the Outback: : one woman’s search for the real heart of Australiais about Sue’s mission to travel the Outback, Bill Bryson style to discover why it holds such a special place in Australians’ romantic image of themselves – and why the hell people love living there so much, despite the heat, the dust, the flies, the droughts, the plagues (of mice, locusts, frogs …) and the discomforts of being so far from everything, and everyone, else.Despite, as a confirmed city-slicker, being the worst possible person to explore the Outback, Sue throws herself into the task with gusto, getting on a horse for the first time for a cattle drive, helped pregnancy-test cattle on a remote property in South Australia, trekked Larapinta outside Alice, and even fought in Fred Brophy’s legenday Outback boxing tent, against a middle-weight champion. The result wasn’t pretty, but makes for sobering – and hilarious – reading… (more)
No Time For Fear: How a shark attack survivor beat the odds is about the astonishing Paul de Gelder, the navy diver who was attacked by a bull shark while on an anti-terrorism training exercise in Sydney’s Harbour. Despite losing a hand and a leg, Paul oversaw his own recovery to reclaim his life and his spirit and was back in the water within months.He talks frankly about his wild youth, being accepted as an elite clearance diver, his missions overseas and then his horrific encounter with the shark. With a disarming honesty and touching candour, he also reveals the inspirational drive that has pushed him to succeed. He’s managed to go back to work with the divers and spends most of his spare time giving motivational talks around the world, to the armed forces, to charity groups and to kids in need of help, as well as campaigning – incredibly – for the protection of sharks… (more)
Outback Spirit: Inspiring true stories of Australia’s unsung heroesis a follow-up to Women of the Outback, and tells of the ordinary people who, against seemingly insurmountable odds, are always ready to help out those inhabiting Australia’s vast untamed frontiers. In the true Outback traditions of mateship, resilience and generosity no task is too great and no sacrifice too much for these everyday heroes.Five children orphaned by a terrible accident; a struggling family living in the most isolated spot on earth; a single dad battling to cope in a house falling down around his ears; a desperately ill woman in the middle of nowhere. With a foreword by Australian Governor-General, Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce, this is a book that brings the Outback into everyone’s sitting rooms… (more)
Love is in the Air: The inspiring star-studded story of dancer who defy all the oddsIs the uplifting story of The Merry Makers, a unique group of dancers, all of whom have an intellectual or physical disability, and have refused to be defeated by the hand life has dealt them.In 2008, as part of his Enough Rope series, Andrew Denton screened the multi award-winning documentary The Music In Me, which featured the amazing performers in the Merry Makers, and their artistic director Lucinda Bryant, a young woman who has devoted her Saturdays since the age of 16 to teaching the group… (more)
Women of the Outback: Inspiring true stories of tragedy and triumphWomen of the Outback is a rousing celebration of the lives of fourteen ‘true heroes of our sunburnt country’. It presents the touching stories of women who have overcome incredible hardships and beaten towering odds to survive and thrive in some of the remotest parts of Australia. Young mum Maree was forced to make a go of a drought-ravaged farm for the sake of her three young children after her husband and son were killed in a light plane crash, overseas air hostess Nell became a mainstay of tiny Birdsville, Molly lived alone in the Simpson Desert for 20 years without even a phone, while singer/songwriter Sara Storer reveals her passionate love of the land – for which she may, one day, give up her career.With a foreword by Janet Holmes à Court and tales as diverse and inspiring as the women themselves, this collection of stories paints a vivid, lively and accessible picture of the thrills, spills and heartfelt joys of life in the bush… (more)
And Then the Darkness: The disappearance of Peter Falconio and the trials of Joanne Lees Two young English tourists watch a glorious Australian Outback sunset, and are waylaid in the middle of nowhere by a predatory stranger. There’s a single gunshot, and then the darkness …Hours later, Joanne Lees is found wandering the highway, cut and bleeding, her hands bound together and tape matted in her hair. Her boyfriend Peter Falconio seems to have vanished into thin air, leaving behind only a pool of blood on the side of the road.Joanne’s account of her ordeal — the apparent murder of her lover, her capture at gunpoint, and her miraculous escape from the back of her attacker’s 4WD into the bush — sparked a frenzy of media interest and triggered the biggest manhunt ever mounted in Australia. But with few clues to the lone gunman’s identity, and as criticism of the police operation intensified, doubts about Joanne’s story began to surface… (more)
The Spirit of Australia is a positive thinking book for the whole country! A celebration of everything Australian, this little book is an inspirational guide for the nation, which shows how people can make a difference – to themselves, their community and their country – and keep the spirt alive… (more)
World Beyond Tears: The Ongoing Story Of Father Chris Riley When the Boxing Day tsunami hit, Australians were moved to help in a massive outpouring of sympathy and aid. But one of the first to arrive in the worst-hit area, Banda Aceh, was Father Chris Riley, the priest renowned for his dedication to improving the welfare of Australia’s poorest kids.Father Chris was so touched by the plight of the children who’d lost their parents and their homes in the disaster that he was determined to help, despite great obstacles. And in an extraordinary operation in the most devoutly Muslim and strife-torn area of Indonesia, his organization, Youth Off The Streets, was the first to set up an orphanage for local children.Following on from the bestselling and widely praised Mean Streets, Kind Heart, Sue Williams takes up the inspiring and heartwarming story of Father Chris and his new quest to help some of the world’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable children. … (more)
Death of a Doctor: How the Medical Establishment Turned on One of Their Own Is the chilling tale of one of Australia’s – and the world’s – leading alternative practitioners who was struck off as a doctor for life after a woman suffering a serious mental illness accused him of sexual assault. Despite the fact that she’d previously been treated by 50 psychiatrists, had accused three of them of raping her, had threatened to burn down the rooms of another therapist, routinely threatens complaints against doctors, and had been described by her current psychiatrist as being reliable only for her “unreliability”, her word was believed over his.As a result, his career was destroyed, and his life was ruined. How could this possibly have happened? … (more)
Apartment Living: The Complete Guide To Buying, Renting, Surviving And Thriving In Apartments by Sue Williams and Jimmy ThomsonIs everything you need to know about apartment living, from making the decision to live in an apartment to buying the perfect place that’s going to offer you your ideal lifestyle and prove a smart investment, from how to make sure your apartment continues to gain in value to how to live happily ever after in a vertical village. This is the best real estate investment anyone who’s thinking of living in an apartment, lives in an apartment or knows someone who does, can ever make… (more)
Mean Streets, Kind Heart: The Father Chris Riley Story is the stirring tale of a man who has dedicated his life to giving a second chance to Australia’s forgotten streetkids, and who has become one of the country’s most admired, loved and inspiring public figures whose simple courage and determination have led to astonishing victories, time after time, against all the odds… (more)
Peter Ryan: The Inside Story tells of the top British police chief who came to Australia in 1996 to take charge of one of the world’s most corrupt forces – and also run security for the 2000 Olympic Games – and his triumphant rise, and devastating fall. The following six years saw triumph, betrayal, Byzantine politics, unprecedented public support and unrelenting media attacks as he battled for control of the NSW Police Service against almost fanatical resistance to change… (more)
Love, Obsession, Secrets & Lies The path to true love doesn’t always run smoothly – sometimes you have to brave dangerous passions to get there. This collection of stories from nine of the biggest names in Australian popular fiction will thrill, excite, terrify and amaze… (more)
Getting There: Journeys of an Accidental Adventurer is the hilarious, terrifying and, most of all, inspiring account of Sue’s travels across the globe over 20 years. It isn’t about destinations or pleasant arrivals, however, but journeys and the battle to get there, fuelled by curiosity, faith in humanity, naivety and even extraordinary ineptitude – the tales of a true traveller… (more)
Powering Up: Simple Steps To Stress Control For Women Is the clear, easy-to-read guide about how to transform the incredible amounts of stress all women battle under today into a powerful, positive force to drive your life onwards – and upwards… (more)