Everest Dreaming

Ever since Ness can remember, she’s been obsessed with a dream of climbing Mount Everest.
She doesn’t know why. Maybe it was something about always being so small for her age, and Everest being so big. Maybe there was something about it that caught her imagination from the first time she saw it on TV – so hot at the bottom and icy cold and snowy at the top, and so high it looked as if it could touch the sky.
Or maybe it was just that the idea of climbing the world’s tallest mountain felt like the most exciting, most daring and most impossible thing she could ever dream of doing …
Everest Dreaming is a book for kids aged eight to 12 who love to dream big. It’s the funny, oddball story of Ness, a girl who’s full of crazy schemes, despite having a disability. But she’s so determined, she somehow, weirdly, surprisingly and always
inspiringly, makes them happen.
Sue Williams was approached to write this book by American publisher Benchmark who’d noticed her writing and asked if she’d ever considered penning a children’s book. She hadn’t. But she was keen to give it a go.
The book is now studied at schools across the US – and around some of the rest of the world, too – as part of a series of books full of fun, interesting and quirky kids who overcome all sorts of hurdles to succeed.