Gene Genius

Understand your DNA and create your own genetic roadmap to health and happiness

Gene Genius tells us how we can understand our DNA and create our own individual genetic roadmaps to health and happiness.

It explains how to unravel the mysteries of our DNA and shows us how our DNA can define the diet and exercise that’s exactly right for each of us, and how tiny changes to lifestyle can make a huge difference to our whole lives.

So if you’ve ever wondered why someone on exactly the same diet as you loses weight much faster than you, why you crave a sugar fix at 4pm and your work colleague never does, and why your best friend stresses far less than you, then you should know: the answers are all in your genes! And Gene Genius tells us how to interpret the evidence, and work with our genes for much better results.

Today, we sit on the threshold of the most far-reaching health revolution of our times, and now Gene Genius gives us the power to identify some of the key genes that make a huge difference to our individual make-ups.

Gene Genius explains the science of DNA and genetic inheritance, and takes the reader on a journey through the human genome, shedding light on how your genes influence your mental and physical health and showing how you can plot a clear path to a healthier you.

Leading genetic scientist Dr Margaret Smith, along with health writer Sue Williams, offer a way forward for how to deal with any problematic genetic inheritance, such as a predisposition to weight gain, mental illness, stress, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, drug or alcohol dependencies and much more.

Their sensible, informed advice reveals how you can transform your health and wellbeing by working in harmony with your genes to achieve life-changing results.

Dr Margaret Smith is a brilliant molecular geneticist with over 20 years’ experience in neurogenetics and cancer genetics. A brilliant scientist, she has worked in major teaching hospitals in Australia and New Zealand.

Sue Williams has a longtime interest in health and wellness.

Gene Genius by Dr Margaret Smith with Sue Williams, published by Harlequin in September 2015, rrp $29.99

Gene Genius