Love, Obsession, Secrets & Lies

A woman spends her life running from her cruel husband. Is his shameful secret about to be uncovered?

A man is devastated when his wife runs off with a stranger, leaving him holding the baby. She comes to realise she has made a mistake, but will he take her back?

A couple have an unusual method of coping with jealousy when one discovers the other has been flirting.

A bored girlfriend starts a tempestuous affair with another man until she realises, too late, how much she loves the man she’s left behind …

This selection of short stories, from some of the biggest names in Australian popular fiction today, makes the ideal companion to curl up with. The tales of love, obsession, secrets and lies make thrilling, exciting and extremely disturbing reading. It features stories from Sue Williams, Jennifer Bacia, Emma Darcy, Bev Harper, Robyn Lee Burrows, Lilly Sommers, Lynne Wilding, Anne Rennie and J. H Fletcher.

Love, Obsession, Secrets & Lies was released in July 2001 and reprinted in 2002 by HarperCollins, rrp $27.50

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