Between what we know and what we wish for

Elizabeth and Elizabeth

In early 19th Century Sydney, two women whose husbands are sworn enemies, cross paths.

One, the visionary wife of the reforming Governor Macquarie, has grand plans to transform the new colony from a prison into a civilised jewel of the Empire. The other,  married to Macquarie’s nemesis John Macarthur, is building the Australian wool industry into the economic powerhouse it would become.

Together they share more than forenames. Elizabeth and Elizabeth is due for publication in January 2021.

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Love, Obsession, Secrets and Lies

This selection of short stories, from some of the biggest names in Australian popular fiction today, makes the ideal companion to curl up with.

The tales of love, obsession, secrets and lies make thrilling, exciting and extremely disturbing reading. It features stories from Sue Williams, Jennifer Bacia, Emma Darcy, Bev Harper, Robyn Lee Burrows, Lilly Sommers, Lynne Wilding, Anne Rennie and J. H Fletcher.

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