My dream job: travel writer

Here, there and everywhere

Having ventured to more than 90 countries and written about most of them, Sue Williams has a treasury of articles and features for the armchair traveller.

Click  on the links below for a sample of  Sue’s newspaper and magazine features about her trips to distant (and not-so-distant) lands and the people she’s met on the way.

The heart-breaking road to hope in South Africa

The images and concepts on show in South Africa’s Apartheid Museum are horrific and heart-breaking but they ultimately offer hope.

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Hunting leopards can be a big game

You don’t need (or want) guns when you go big game hunting in Africa – just looking for leopards is exciting enough in itself.

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Pack your bags! Your country needs you …

The pandemic has shut us off from the rest of the world but there’s still so much to see and do right here in Australia, where local tourism could really use a boost.

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Come on over to the dark side

Before it was halted in its tracks by a genuine modern-day menace, “dark travel” was one of tourism’s fastest-growing trends.

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Visit our northern jewels ... by sea

As Australia opens up, a luxury cruise to the Kimberleys is on many “must-do” travel plans for locals.

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The bits (of the world) you missed

What would have been the best places to go in 2020? Sue Williams asks the experts for their pre-COVID tips

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12 top tips for making the most of a river cruise

When European travel is back on the menu, river cruises are sure to be seen as a safe and secure way of seeing the world.  here are Sue’s top tips for making the most of them.

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So close ... but still a world away

Why Australians flocked to the ‘world’s happiest country’, and why we’ll be queuing up to go back as soon as we can.

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Charms and challenges of travel with your family

Multi-generational travel puts a new perspective on place you visit and the people you care about most.

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Tribal appeal - don't just see there ... be there

Stay with a tribe in remote Southern Ethiopia and have a whole new “other world” experience.

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Want to see inside the mind of a madman?

Why Bucharest’s Presidential Palace, built by the notorious Romanian dictator Ceausescu, is called the Taj Mahal of Terror.

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