Living, giving, surviving and thriving

Love is in the air

Love Is In The Air is the uplifting story of The Merry Makers, a unique group of dancers, all of whom have an intellectual or physical disability, and have refused to be defeated by the hand life has dealt them.

This is the remarkable revelatio of how music and dance enrich the lives of everyone involved in this heartwarming project.


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Apartment Living

APARTMENT LIVING is full of cautionary tales, hilarious anecdotes and useful information on how apartment dwellers, whether they are renters or owners, canmake the most of shared space living.

Packed with  practical information as well as amusing and frequently amazing true stories, APARTMENT LIVING is as entertaining as it is relevant to apartment dwellers across Australia.

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Gene Genius

If you’ve ever wondered why someone on exactly the same diet as you loses weight much faster than you, why you crave a sugar fix at 4pm and your work colleague never does, and why your best friend stresses far less than you, then you should know: the answers are all in your genes!

Gene Genius tells us how to interpret the evidence, and work with our genes for much better results by helping us to understand our DNA and create our own individual genetic roadmaps to health and happiness.

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Powering Up

This book is all about how to recognise stress when it’s happening and how to use it rather than let it use you.

For if that stress can be properly managed, then it can be transformed into a powerful, positive force to drive your life onwards – and upwards.

Does it work? Take a look around this website – it was Sue’s first book.

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The Spirit of Australia

The Spirit of Australia is a positive thinking book for the whole country!

A celebration of everything Australian, this little book is an inspirational guide for the nation, which shows how people can make a difference – to themselves, their community and their country – and keep the spirit alive.

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