Amazing tales from the back of beyond

Women of the Outback

Drought, flood, harrowing isolation and horrific accidents – the Australian Bush is no place for a lady. But as this book reveals, the women of the Outback are a different breed: tough, resilient and endlessly resourceful.

They’re both the backbone and the heart of Australia, keeping their farms going, their families together and their communities alive … and often against overwhelming odds.

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Outback Spirit

Where there’s need in the Outback, there are many ordinary people who, against seemingly insurmountable odds, are always ready to help out those inhabiting Australia’s vast untamed frontiers.

In the true Outback traditions of mateship, resilience and generosity no task is too great and no sacrifice too much for these everyday heroes.

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Welcome to the Outback

Forgoing the comfort of her inner-city Sydney apartment and the safety of her vegetarian, caffeine-free teetotaller lifestyle, Sue Williams throws herself with characteristic gusto into exploring the heart of the Australian Outback, billy tea, damper and all.

Read how she travelled the length and breadth of Australia by any means possible — bus, train, campervan, horse, goat, foot, bicycle and plane.

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Outback Heroines

Sue Williams travels to the farthest reaches of our country to bring to the world 16 inspirational stories from some of Australia’s most amazing women .

Their achievements are extraordinary; their stories rarely told. From the woman who built a diamond empire from nothing, to the mother who educated two daughters in the cab of her truck while building a trailblazing transport company, via a fearless crocodile wrangler, and the rest, these women truly are inspirations.

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Fred Brophy, the Last Showman

The Last Showman is the inspiring tale of a truly great Australian, a man who beat poverty and a lack of schooling and pulled himself up by the bootstraps to find personal and professional success.

Through the story of Fred Brophy, with his traditional boxing tent – the last in the world – it provides a nostalgic look at a fascinating slice of Australian culture that has all but vanished.

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And Then the Darkness

Just hours after they watch a glorious Australian Outback sunset, two young English tourists are waylaid by a predatory stranger. There’s a single gunshot, and then the darkness …

In this gripping account of Peter Falconio’s disappearance, award-winning writer Sue Williams charts the young couple’s early lives, the past of a gun-toting drug-runner, and the tabloid Press’ hounding of Joanne Lees.

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