Murder, mystery and amazing tales of survival

And Then the Darkness

Just hours after they watch a glorious Australian Outback sunset, two young English tourists are waylaid by a predatory stranger. There’s a single gunshot, and then the darkness …

In this gripping account of Peter Falconio’s disappearance, award-winning writer Sue Williams charts the young couple’s early lives, the past of a gun-toting drug-runner, and the tabloid Press’ hounding of Joanne Lees.


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Left for Dead

She was a police officer with a brilliant future ahead of her and a young mum of two small children. But early on the morning of May 13, 2009, as Samantha Barlow walked to work at Kings Cross Police Station, a man slunk out of the shadows behind her and smashed her in the back of her head with a brick.

Thinking he’d killed a cop, her attacker left Samantha for dead in the back of the lonely park, just before sunrise. What happens next is an inspirational  story of courage and survival for Samantha and her family.

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