Gene Genius


Sue’s latest book explores the brave new world of genetics, unravelling the mysteries of DNA to show people how they can make the best of the good genes they’ve inherited and diminish the power of the bad, to lead the best life they can.

Easily understandable to the layperson, Gene Genius tells you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about genes and their positive effects – and their negatives. But even more importantly, it explains what each individual can do to defy their own genetic make-up and help lessen the threat of illness or disease and become stronger, healthier and more relaxed and productive.

Written with leading Australian geneticist Dr Margaret Smith, the book introduces us to both the good guys, and the baddies, of the DNA world, including The Fatso Gene, The Emotional Eating Gene, The Fat-Burner Gene, The Tortoise or The Hare Gene, The Singleton Gene, The Addiction Gene and The Worrier or Warrior Gene. Then it shows how to turn up the power of the genetic heroes, and dim down the desperadoes.

Gene Genius is published by Harlequin in September 2015.

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She was shortlisted in the last four writers for the 2006 international true crime book of the year in the Gold Dagger Awards for her And Then The Darkness, the true story of the murder of Peter Falconio and the trials of Joanne Lees.

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